How to Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark Permanently

Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest operating system, brings with it exciting new features and an elegant user interface. While it offers a remarkable computing experience, users might encounter the “Activate Windows 11” watermark, a small reminder in the corner of the screen for activation. Many users seek ways to understand how to remove activate Windows 11 watermark permanently, whether for aesthetic reasons or due to licensing mishaps. This article will not only delve into the methods to remove the watermark but also discuss the legal considerations related to activating Windows 11.

Why Does the Activate Windows 11 Watermark Appear?

how to remove activate windows 11 watermark permanently

The Activate Windows 11 watermark is more than a simple annoyance on your desktop; it serves a particular purpose in the overall functionality of the operating system. Here’s an exploration of why it might appear and why understanding how to remove activate Windows 11 watermark permanently is significant for some users.

  1. Non-Genuine Copies: If your copy of Windows 11 is not purchased from Microsoft or authorized retailers, the watermark will appear as a warning.
  2. Trial Versions: Windows 11 might be installed as a trial version, intended for a temporary evaluation. Once this period ends without purchasing a valid license, the watermark appears to remind you to activate the product.
  3. Licensing Issues: Even if you own a genuine copy, issues such as a missing or misconfigured license key can lead to the appearance of the watermark. Sometimes, system updates or hardware changes might cause the OS to misinterpret the license’s status.

Legal Considerations

Before attempting to remove the watermark, it’s essential to stress the importance of using genuine software. Adhering to Microsoft’s terms and conditions is not only ethical but also ensures access to vital security updates and support.

Unauthorized removal of the watermark might lead to legal ramifications.

How to Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark Permanently – Genuine Ways

how to remove activate windows watermark permanently

Removing the Activate Windows 11 watermark is not just about aesthetics; it’s about compliance with licensing agreements and ensuring that your operating system functions optimally. Below, you’ll find genuine methods to deal with this issue.

Purchasing a Genuine License

An authentic method on how to remove activate Windows 11 watermark permanently involves purchasing a genuine license. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open Activation Settings: Right-click on the Start button, select ‘Settings,’ then ‘Update & Security,’ followed by ‘Activation.’
  2. Visit the Microsoft Store: If your copy is not activated, you’ll see an option to go to the Microsoft Store.
  3. Choose the Appropriate License: Select the version of Windows 11 that suits your needs and follow the prompts to purchase.
  4. Enter the Product Key: Once purchased, you’ll receive a product key. Enter this key in the activation window.
  5. Confirm Activation: The watermark should disappear once the product is successfully activated. Restart your computer if necessary.

By following these legitimate steps, you can easily learn how to remove activate Windows 11 watermark permanently and enjoy the full benefits of a genuine Windows 11 copy.

Troubleshooting Licensing Issues

Sometimes, even with a genuine license, you might face issues that trigger the watermark. Here’s how to troubleshoot:

  1. Re-enter the License Key: If you’ve changed hardware or reinstalled Windows, you may need to re-enter the key.
  2. Use Activation Troubleshooter: In ‘Activation’ settings, you can use the ‘Troubleshoot’ option to diagnose and resolve issues.
  3. Check for Windows Updates: Ensuring that your system is up to date can sometimes fix activation problems.
  4. Contact Microsoft Support: If the issue persists, contacting Microsoft Support is the best course of action. Provide them with all necessary details, and they will guide you through the resolution.

Alternative Ways to Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark Permanently (Not Recommended)

how to remove activate windows watermark without product key

While the focus of this article is to provide lawful ways to deal with the Activate Windows 11 watermark, it’s important to acknowledge the existence of alternative methods found online that claim to remove the watermark. However, it’s equally crucial to strongly advise against using these methods.

Alternative Methods Explored

Various websites, forums, and videos might present tools or procedures that claim to bypass the Windows 11 activation process or remove the watermark without proper licensing. These methods often involve manipulating system files or using third-party software that may:

  1. Violate Microsoft’s Terms of Service: These activities directly contradict Microsoft’s licensing agreement and can lead to legal consequences.
  2. Risk System Security: Many of these tools can introduce malware or other security risks into your system.
  3. Lead to Poor Performance: Unofficial modifications can lead to system instability, crashes or loss of important features and updates.

Strong Disclaimer and Warning

The methods outlined in this article’s previous sections are the only recommended ways to remove the Activate Windows 11 watermark. Any attempt to circumvent the proper activation process can lead to:

  • Termination of the license;
  • Legal actions from Microsoft;
  • Compromised system security and performance.

It is vital for all users to understand that using non-genuine methods not only breaches trust with the software provider but also exposes the system to unnecessary risks.

Common Questions about Removing Activate Windows 11 Watermark

faq about removing activate windows 11 watermark

Why is my Windows 11 watermark showing up?

The Windows 11 watermark generally shows up to remind or notify the user about the activation status of their operating system. It may appear for several reasons: Non-Genuine Copy, Trial Period Expired, Licensing Issues.

Understanding why you might need to know how to remove activate Windows 11 watermark permanently helps in choosing the appropriate and legal course of action.

Is KMS activator legal?

KMS (Key Management Service) activator is a legitimate tool used by organizations to activate multiple computers within a network.

However, using or distributing KMS activators to bypass Windows 11 activation for individual, non-corporate use is against Microsoft’s licensing terms and is considered illegal.

It can lead to termination of the license, legal actions, and other consequences.

How do I turn off Windows activation notification?

Turning off the Windows activation notification is essentially the same as removing the watermark. The legal and recommended way to do this is by activating your Windows 11 with a genuine product key:

Note: Turning off the notification through unauthorized means may violate Microsoft’s terms and can lead to system instability or legal issues.


This guide has provided you with comprehensive instructions on how to remove activate Windows 11 watermark permanently. The key takeaway is to focus on legal means, either by purchasing a genuine license or troubleshooting existing licensing issues. Adhering to Microsoft’s terms ensures a smooth and secure Windows 11 experience.

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