iPhone 14 vs Samsung Galaxy S23

Two big giants are in a constant race for leadership positions. They present advanced devices that, without a doubt, deserve to be called the best in the segment and among the devices of this type. Every time, there is a new argument that moves the smartphone one step forward. Very often, they are on equal footing. Sometimes one disadvantage is replaced by another positive quality. They are interesting and special. In today’s race will be made 2 smartphones:

The Samsung Galaxy S23, released on February 1, 2023, with a 6.1″ screen and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy chip.

Versus the 6.1″ Apple iPhone 14, which has an Apple A15 Bionic processor and came out 5 months earlier. Below you will find the specs, benchmarks, strengths and weaknesses of each of the gadgets.

These are the basic versions and will show the differences.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Overview shows its strengths, including:

iphone 14 vs samsung galaxy s23

  • Excellent camera with x3 zoom capability.
  • The display is updated with a higher frequency, which is 120 Hz.
  • A special device that determines the brightness of the screen, at the end of the test showed 42% more.
  • The ability to shoot in slow motion at 960 frames per second.
  • More capacious battery at 3900 mAh, which is 600 mAh more.
  • The RAM is 2GB more than the competitor’s, which is 33% more.
  • The installed processor got 2 more cores.

The iPhone 14 Series Overview also showed its merits, and it:

  • A comparison of single-core performance showed a 22% better result In standalone mode.
  • The smartphone keeps its performance longer by 8%.
  • The manufacturer’s support for the device and the frequency of operating system updates are significantly longer.

The basic versions of the models show slight differences in only a few parameters. To make the comparison more complete, we should also consider the available versions of their series.

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra

which samsung s23 series is best

  • Each model has a different size, which increases with each model from 6.1 inches to 6.6 inches and rounds out at 6.8 inches.
  • The storage size varies in terms of performance. The smallest may be in the S23 model at 128GB. The largest gets only the S23 Ultra at 1TB.
  • The wide-angle camera in the first and second models has 50 MP, while the Ultra gets 200 MP. As the model gets bigger, the battery size increases. The S23 Plus has 4700 mAh, and the S23 Ultra has 5000 mAh.
  • The processor is the same in all, and each has 8 cores.
  • All three representatives have an aluminum frame to protect their bodies, and the level of protection against moisture is IP68.

As we can see, the difference is not very big.

Compare iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max

which model of iphone 14 series is best

Comparisons between these comrades are better done sequentially in ascending order.

What the iPhone 14 Plus is better at than the iPhone 14 is this:

  • A slightly larger diagonal, which is 0.6 inches
  • A larger 1,040 mAh battery.

The iPhone 14 Pro is better than the iPhone 14 Plus because:

  • The screen brightness is 124% higher compared to the previous motel.
  • The camera has x3 magnification.
  • Increased memory speed up to DDR5.
  • A16 Bionic generation processor, and in a single core, it was 13% faster.

What’s special about the iPhone 14 Pro Max that the iPhone 14 Pro doesn’t have is this:

  • An even bigger screen by another 0.6 inches than the previous version.
  • An even bigger 1,120 mAh battery.
  • 27% better battery life.

The best of its kind and the best of all

As this comparison shows, there is not much difference between models in the same series of Samsung models. All three samples work on the same processors and differ only in a few parameters. The situation with iPhones is a bit different. They do improve at every stage. What is the bottom line of this comparison? Which device is the best?

This question is impossible to answer. The difference in technical specifications can in no way demonstrate the difference in use. Each user sets certain tasks for the devices. Therefore, there is no best, there is the one that you prefer. That is why it is you who chooses the winner for yourself.

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