Next Generation Idrive & Multimedia System from BMW

The German concern is known to be among the best when it comes to innovations. BMW equips its vehicles with the best technologies and multimedia features. The iX electric SUV and i4 sedan both have a new eighth generation of the system called the iDrive 8. It has a goal of providing users with the best experience.

The key features include:

multimedia system from bmw

  • better voice recognition system;
  • massive touch screen;
  • convenient central console integration;
  • and much more.

The users will use the thumbwheel in order to control the system. The screen is rather huge and curved. The unit of multimedia is 14.9 inches, which continues with 12.3 inch instrument cluster.

Actually the most significant aspect of iDrive 8 is its new voice recognition system. The user is able to interact with it in a dialog form. It also has got BMW Intelligent Assistant, that is the AI of the system. It is displayed on the screen and even can recognize who is talking to it. You are able to choose its name too. Moreover, the AI helps you with managing the vehicle functions, such as climate control. For instance, if somebody complains about feeling cold, it will automatically switch on the heating for them.

Using of the new BMW ID and My Modes features allows you to experience a more personalized service. You are able to create a personal profile and save the car settings that you need often. With the help of online synchronization and updates it is now possible to transfer the features between various cars. This will be really convenient for families with several vehicles!

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what is bmw multimedia system

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