The Responsibilities and Duties of a CTO as a Service

The technical evolution of the company, as well as evolution in any other areas, always requires a comprehensive, professional approach and an “outside expert view”. Specifically, when it comes to planning IT processes and tasks, companies that need this should be puzzled by finding top-level IT specialists.

In modern realities, this does not have to be a full-time employee – with the right approach to the hiring procedure and communication, you can replace them with remote ones according to the “as a service” format. Let’s talk below about what kind of specialist they are and what tasks they perform.

Who Should be Hired?

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In a nutshell, to perform the global task we described above in the most time- and cost-efficient way, you should consider virtual CTO services. The person who provides them has to perform the following global tasks with which ordinary IT specialists like developers or team leads are not able to cope:

  • Aligning technologies and business processes.
  • Increasing sales and profits through tech innovations.
  • Setting long-term tech goals.
  • Transforming business plans into a technology roadmap.
  • Development of innovative strategies.

Thus, based on the above, being such a specialist means managing activities, supervising project managers, and determining what has to be done and how it can be achieved. In general, an effective CTO as a Service expert mainly deals with practical leadership in the company’s growth.

As a tech manager, the CTO as Service position often requires a huge background in computer science. In addition, he or she must have in-depth knowledge of software engineering, as well as IT systems and technologies. In addition, CTO service implies hiring a strategist, leader, and business manager (all these features must be combined in one person). All this means that this job position usually requires knowledge of finances, various industries/markets, project management, and business management.

What Is An Average Description for This Position?

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A job description typically includes the following CTO skills:

  • Leading research and engineering departments (this implies the ability to innovate and develop new approaches).
  • Strategic technology policy planning and creating roadmaps for the introduction of new technologies.
  • Management of engineers, technicians, and department heads/directors (this also includes the management of large projects, programs, and product development environments).
  • Creation and development of new technological systems in relation to the company’s products and services.
  • Strategic planning and implementation of technologies and IT systems aimed to improve the effectiveness of products and/or services.

What Can This Expert Mean for Your Company?

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So, what is CTO in business?

If we talk about non-technology companies, this specialist usually reports to the Chief Information Officer. In a technology company, these two positions will be at the same level: the first one focuses on internal processes, while the second one works on the technology environment across the board.

Thus, the CTO qualifications imply responsibility for technologies that meet the needs of the company’s customers. Also, in addition to managing the various technology departments, this expert may be responsible for managing the company’s IT stack.

Final Thoughts

In today’s business circumstances, it is not necessary to have a full-time IT process and technology management specialist to stay ahead of the competition and maintain an optimal growth rate for your company. Thus, if your company is suitable for the CTO as a Service cooperation model, feel free to contact us. We will select a specialist who fully meets your CTO requirements and establish the most comfortable interaction format.

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