Do All Vizio TVs Have a Power Button?

Vizio has become one of the most popular TV brands sold in America. Known for affordable pricing on feature-packed smart TVs, Vizio offers great options for every home. But with the wide range of TV sizes and technologies Vizio offers, some variations exist across models that owners should be aware of.

One key question when setting up and operating any new TV is: where is the power button? Being able to manually turn your TV on or off and control the basic functions is important knowledge for any owner. This is especially true of a common brand like Vizio that has many different model families.

So do all Vizio TVs have a power button? This article will explore the answer across Vizio’s lineup of HD, 4K, and OLED TVs. We’ll examine the variations around power button placement and style and provide tips for operating Vizio TVs models with or without a prominent power button.

A Look at Vizio’s Range of TVs

do all vizio tvs have a power button

Vizio offers a wide range of affordable and feature-packed TV models. Their lineup includes:

  • HD TVs – Entry-level 720p and 1080p resolution sets in smaller screen sizes.
  • 4K/UHD TVs – Mid-range and premium models with Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution and larger screen sizes up to 85 inches.
  • Smart TVs – Most models feature built-in wifi and smart platforms like Vizio SmartCast.
  • OLED TVs – High-end option with self-emissive OLED panels for infinite contrast.
  • Specialty models – Options optimized for gaming or with unique designs like rotating stands.

Over Vizio’s history, they have made some changes to the location and style of the power button:

  • Early HD models had the button along the bottom edge for easy access.
  • As TVs slimmed down, the button moved to the back panel to hide it.
  • Current TVs have returned to a bottom edge power button in a more streamlined style.

Having a clearly labeled and easy to access power button remains important on all TVs for basic control and troubleshooting, like resetting the set or forced power cycling.

So Vizio has retained this vital function across all its models, even as designs evolve.

The Presence of Power Buttons on Vizio TVs

do vizio tvs have a power button

To thoroughly examine whether all Vizio TV models contain a power button, we can break down the lineup based on release year and TV type:

Older Vizio TVs

  • 1080p HDTVs (released ~2008-2014) – Most models had power button on bottom edge or back panel.
  • Early smart TVs (released ~2011-2015) – Power button migrated to back as sets got thinner.
  • First 4K models (released ~2013-2016) – Power button along bottom edge re-emerged.

Newer Vizio TVs

  • HD TVs (released 2017-present) – Bottom or back edge power button placement.
  • 4K/UHD TVs (released 2016-present) – Bottom edge power button is standard.
  • OLED TVs (released 2019-present) – Bottom edge power button like other new models.

So while older Vizio TVs moved the power button around, all current releases consistently include it along the bottom edge.

There are some slight style and texture variations in the plastic button itself between budget HD models versus premium 4K and OLED sets. But the location and functionality remain the same.

So the direct answer to whether “do all Vizio TVs have a power button” is yes, they do across all modern smart TV series, HD through OLED. The power button is an essential component Vizio has retained even through their design evolutions.

Operating Your Vizio TV Without the Power Button

where is the power button on my vizio tv

While Vizio TVs still maintain a power button, it is possible to operate your TV even without relying on the button:

  • The included can turn your TV on or off and access other settings.
  • The Vizio SmartCast app lets you control your TV from your smartphone, even power it on remotely.
  • Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri can power and operate compatible smart TVs through voice commands.

So even if your TV’s power button is unresponsive, you have other options. Just make sure the remote has working batteries, the TV is connected to WiFi for the app, and voice assistants are set up properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

does vizio tv have a power button

Here are answers to some common questions about Vizio TV power buttons:

What if my Vizio TV power button is broken?

Use the remote control or SmartCast app to turn on your TV until the power button can be repaired.

My Vizio TV won’t turn on with the remote or power button.

Try unplugging the TV from power for 1 minute then reconnect to reset it. Also ensure remote batteries are fresh.

How do I prevent power button issues in the future?

Avoid pressing the button excessively and keep your TV protected from dust buildup or damage which can cause button sticking.

Maintaining Your Vizio TV

To keep your Vizio TV’s power button and other functions working properly:

  • Wipe down the exterior with a microfiber cloth to prevent dust buildup.
  • Have a TV repair technician do periodic maintenance checks and part replacements.
  • Use a surge protector to prevent electrical spikes from damaging the sensitive power components.
  • Keep the TV protected in a cabinet with proper ventilation to avoid overheating.


Knowing if your Vizio TV model has a power button and where to find it can be very useful. Thankfully Vizio has retained this important function across all of its latest TVs. If you run into any issues with turning on your TV, the remote and app alternatives are there too. Stay updated on Vizio’s newest models and contact their support with any questions to keep enjoying your Vizio TV for years to come.

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