Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hands

Finding the perfect gaming mouse is essential for any dedicated gamer – especially those with big hands. Uncomfortable mice can not only impede performance, but also cause hand fatigue during extended play sessions.

Fortunately, there’s no need to make compromises on comfort when it comes to finding a great gaming mouse – seek out one that matches your particular grip style and hand size!

When it comes to competitive esports titles specifically, equipping yourself with an ergonomic controller and high-quality desk mats could be exactly what you need in order to gain an edge over opponents.

Gaming Mouse for Big Hands – Recommendation List

best gaming mouse for big hands

Looking for the perfect gaming mouse? Big hands can make it tricky, but we’ve done all the research for you – check out a few of today’s top models specifically tailored to your needs!

Logitech G Pro Recommended by eSports players
Razer Viper Mini The lightest mouse
SteelSeries Rival 3 The best price
Razer DeathAdder V2 The best IPS
Logitech MX Master 3S Optimal for work and gaming
Logitech G602 Best for MMO games
Logitech G700s The largest number of buttons
Logitech G903 The best tracking speed
Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless The best DPI
Glorious Model D Wireless The best value for money
  • Logitech G Pro. Presents itself as the ultimate gaming mouse for big hands. It boasts a record-breaking 25K Hero optical sensor, cutting-edge wireless response time, and a featherweight design complete with 8 programmable buttons – perfect for both left and right-handers alike.
  • Razer Viper Mini. An ultra-lightweight mouse that packs a powerful punch with its 8,500 DPI sensor and SpeedFlex cable for improved durability. Featuring six programmable buttons, optical switches for lightning-fast response times and RGB lighting along the backside panel make this an incredibly versatile mouse perfect for both casual gamers & professionals alike. Its semi-ambidextrous design ensures its comfortable no matter your grip style or handedness!
  • SteelSeries Rival 3. Is a great value for gamers who have larger hands, offering an 8,000 DPI optical sensor with a 1,000Hz polling rate and lightweight design. Plus, it features 6 programmable buttons with durable switches along with an RGB logo and a light strip on the back to give your gaming setup some serious bling!
  • Razer DeathAdder V2. This tailored mouse features a Focus+ 20K optical sensor, 400 IPS tracking speed and 8 programmable buttons that give you fast reactions in-game. Plus, its lightweight construction makes it ideal to play comfortably while feeling the difference between the industry’s leading optical switches.
  • Logitech MX Master 3S. Defines the pinnacle of wireless mouse technology. Its silent buttons and 8000 dpi sensor deliver an unprecedented click experience, but alas it’s not suitable for southpaws – a true tragedy!
  • Logitech G602. Offers exceptional performance and accuracy with its advanced Delta Zero Sensor technology. Its wireless functionality enables a lag-free gaming experience while the power-saving modes give you up to 250 hours of battery life. With 20 million click-rated buttons and 11 programmable options, this mouse ensures both efficiency and durability – making it a great choice for any gamer with big hands!
  • Logitech G700s. Allows for faster-than-ever performance – executes commands up to eight times quicker than with a traditional USB mouse. With 13 programmable controls and an onboard memory of five profiles, users can quickly switch between tasks while completing complex macros in the blink of an eye. Recharging is simple too – just connect the Quick Charge USB cable!
  • Logitech G903. This mouse for large hands boasts LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology for unbeatable latency, ensuring you can stay ahead of the competition. Featuring a PMW3366 Optical Sensor and Advanced Mechanical Button Tensioning to provide an impeccably responsive feel whatever game you play. Plus it’s compatible with Powerplay wireless charging – so no pause in your gaming session!
  • Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless. Is a reliable and highly sought-after gaming mouse from the trusted brand Corsair. Its Native 26K CPI Optical Sensor, enhanced ergonomics, and intuitive indicator under the scroll wheel that changes colors for easier resolution level identification. Make it an ideal choice for extended gaming sessions – even people with larger hands appreciate its comfort-focused design!
  • Glorious Model D Wireless. Offers a reliable gaming experience that big right-handers will appreciate. BAMF technology delivers an impressive 1,000 Hz polling rate and high resolution to ensure performance even under the toughest conditions. Plus, gamers get all their favorite features with re-programmable keys. Despite its advanced functionality, this mouse is lightweight – just 68 grams thanks to its cellular body construction from Glorius.

What Exactly Defines a Big Hand for Mouse Use?

People with large hands need not worry about finding the right mouse: we have selected several models designed to fit comfortably in wider palms and longer fingers. On average, an adult male’s hand is around 7.6 inches long and 3.5 inches across at its widest point.

Accordingly, any size exceeding these measurements can be considered ‘large’ by definition when shopping for mousing products that provide a comfortable grip during lengthy computer sessions!

What Makes a Gaming Mouse Ideal for Your Hand?

Looking for the perfect gaming mouse? Ensure you select a model that suits your needs by considering some essential features. Size is especially important if you have larger hands, as comfort and playability can be greatly affected.

  • Palm. To ensure that tension and fatigue are alleviated, make sure your palm is comfortably cushioned by the top of the mouse itself. Meanwhile, keep both your wrist and upper arm relaxed on the desktop surface.
  • Fingers. To ensure comfortable gameplay, it’s important to have sufficient control over your mouse controls. Make sure that you can operate the left/right buttons and scroll wheel without having to strain or bend your fingers!
  • Thumb. For comfortable and efficient usage, ensure your thumb is always at rest on the mouse pad or a provided thumb rest. This will give you maximum control when using your device!
  • Pinky finger. It’s important to make sure your pinky finger can easily access the side of your mouse opposite from its thumb – so you don’t have any unnecessary straining!

Top 10: Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands

Finding the right fit for those of us who have large hands can be tricky in today’s PC market, so we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our list of TOP-10 mice designed specifically to accommodate your extra-large needs – from features and capabilities to advantages and disadvantages. Get ready: it’s time to find that perfect match!

Mouse Name DPI Tracking (IPS) Onboard memory Buttons Weight Check Price
Logitech G Pro 25600 400 Yes 7 80g


Razer Viper Mini 8500 300 No 6 61g


SteelSeries Rival 3 8500 300 Yes 6 77g


Razer DeathAdder V2 20000 650 Yes 8 82g


Logitech MX Master 3S 8000 30 Yes 7 141g


Logitech G602 2500 80 Yes 11 152g


Logitech G700s 8200 165 Yes 13 152g


Logitech G903 25600 400 Yes 11 110g


Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Wireless 26000 650 Yes 7 79g


Glorious Model D Wireless 19000 400 Yes 6 69g


Logitech G Pro

gaming mouse for big hands logitech g pro

Logitech G Pro has indisputably proven its excellence through testing. Weighing a mere 80g, this wireless mouse packs in an impressive lineup of features to keep you on the cutting edge.

All without sacrificing any performance! It’s no surprise why Logitech is such a leader when it comes to PC gaming peripherals – their commitment to quality speaks for itself.

Hero 25K Sensor with 25,600 DPI tracking and 400 IPS accuracy, 7 programmable buttons for customizable shortcuts.

The Logitech G Pro boasts notable precision with its scroll wheel, yet disappointingly lacks the ‘infinity’ feature seen in other high-end models like the G502 and G903. This oversight is particularly noteworthy given its relatively hefty price tag.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to use for long periods of time.
  • Excellent wireless performance with low latency and no dropouts.
  • Accurate and responsive sensor with adjustable DPI settings.
  • Long battery life, up to 48 hours on a single charge.
  • Customizable buttons and RGB lighting using Logitech’s software.
  • Durable build quality and sleek design.
  • Comes with a convenient charging and storage dock.
  • Some users may find the scroll wheel to be too slow.

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Razer Viper Mini

razer viper mini best gaming mouse for big hands

After thorough testing of a range of gaming mice, we are proud to announce that the Razer Viper Mini is our choice as the best lightweight mouse available. Clocking in at only 61g – which is less than half that of similar models – this 8,500 DPI sensor-equipped mouse offers both durabilities with its ‘SpeedFlex’ braided cable and customizability through RGB effects and 6 programmable buttons.

The Viper Mini takes your gaming experience to new heights without weighing you physically or financially.

The Viper Mini boasts an impressive 8,500 DPI gaming sensor that lived up to its performance expectations – even matching Logitech’s Pro and G502 in CS:GO.

The mouse has optical switches compared to traditional spring loading switches however this comes down to user preference for either a tactile feel or a louder click when using the device.

  • The Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse is designed to be lightweight (61g), making it easy to move and control.
  • This mouse is equipped with a high-precision sensor that tracks accurately and quickly, making it perfect for gaming.
  • The mouse features customizable RGB lighting, allowing you to personalize the look of your setup.
  • The Razer Viper Mini has six programmable buttons that can be customized to your preferences.
  • The ambidextrous design of this mouse makes it comfortable to use for both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • The Razer Viper Mini is a smaller-sized mouse, which may not be comfortable for those with extra larger hands.

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SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

steelseries rival 3 wireless best gaming mouse for big hands

This economical offering provides cutting-edge specs to satisfy even the most demanding gamers, with 8,000 DPI sensitivity and 1000Hz polling rate giving lightning response times.

Seeking a performance mouse but on a budget? Look no further than the SteelSeries Rival 3.

Alongside 6 programmable buttons for customization options. Plus – it comes complete with an RGB logo light strip at its base providing added flair without breaking the bank!

SteelSeries has crafted an impressive mouse, with soft-touch buttons and programmability. Its logo lighting system is also fully customizable for a truly unique look and feels – all at budget-friendly pricing!

Furthermore, this high-performance device surpasses the click lifecycle of most mice on the market. Boasting up to 60M clicks per button – 10-20M more than in our tests.

  • Mouse uses Dual Wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity which allows for a seamless and wireless experience while gaming.
  • Battery life of up to 400 hours, the Rival 3 Wireless is designed to last longer than most other wireless gaming mice on the market.
  • It is also ergonomic, which means that it is easy to hold and use.
  • The mouse is equipped with a TrueMove Air sensor, which is known for its high accuracy and precision, making it ideal for gaming.
  • Six programmable buttons that can be customized according to your preferences.
  • The mouse does not have onboard memory, which means that you cannot save your settings and preferences on the mouse itself.

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Razer DeathAdder V2

razer deathadder v2 best gaming mouse for big hands

Perfectly contoured to fit snugly in your hand, a textured rubber grip enhances control while gaming. With its 20K DPI Optical Sensor you can hope to have precise movements every time; giving an edge over other competitors on the circuit!

The Razer DeathAdder V2 is the number one mouse choice for FPS and MOBA enthusiasts.

The specially designed Razer optical switches are life-tested at up 70 million clicks – so no matter how intense those games get, rest assured that this device will keep performing from now till forevermore.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 is the perfect choice for anyone searching for an ultra-comfortable, high-performance gaming mouse. Featuring 8 programmable buttons and adjustable lighting and sensitivity settings, users can customize their experience using Synapse software.

From macro programming to reliable tracking – this mouse offers it all in a sleek package. While designed with gamers in mind – its powerful features make it great for any type of computer user looking for precision control!

  • High-performance optical sensor for precise tracking.
  • Ideal for users with big hands.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use during long gaming sessions.
  • Customizable RGB lighting for personalization.
  • Durable build quality with long-lasting switches.
  • Onboard memory for saving customized settings.
  • Seven programmable buttons for additional functionality.
  • Not ambidextrous, only designed for right-handed use.
  • No dedicated DPI button requires software customization.

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Logitech MX Master 3S

logitech mx master 3s best gaming mouse for big hands

Logitech MX Master 3S is the perfect companion for gamers with wide hands who own both a PC and laptop or Mac!

Featuring Darkfield 8000 laser sensor, up to 8,000 DPI accuracy, seven programmable buttons plus Smart Shift scroll wheel’s electromagnetic mechanism for infinite scrolling.

Added features include a gesture button on the thumb rest that allows custom macros programming as well as USB-C charging port providing fast recharging capabilities.

With the flick of a switch, experience unparalleled connectivity with this mouse. The device can be quickly synced to your Windows or Mac laptop and even an iPad over Bluetooth – simultaneously connecting up to three devices in one go!

Plus, you have the option of adding a Logitech Bolt Receiver (sold separately) for better performance.

During our tests, we found that despite the strong overall performance, gaming may not bring out its best due to the limited polling rate at 125 Hz and tracking ratio at 30 IPS respectively.

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use over long periods of time.
  • Customizable buttons and settings for personalized workflow.
  • Multi-device connectivity for seamless switching between devices.
  • Fast and precise scrolling with the MagSpeed Electromagnetic scrolling wheel.
  • High-precision sensor for accurate tracking on various surfaces.
  • Long battery life of up to 70 days (backlighting turned off) on a single charge.
  • The charging cable is proprietary and not easily replaceable if lost or damaged.

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Logitech G602

logitech g602 best gaming mouse for big hands

The Logitech G602 is a great option for gamers looking to maximize their performance. With 11 programmable buttons and robust Delta Zero sensor technology, you can enjoy accurate tracking and precise movements with up to 250 hours of battery life.

Its ergonomic design features textured rubber grips that will fit larger hands comfortably while providing the reliable wireless connection needed for competitive gaming.

Logitech G602 is ideal for dedicated MMO gamers! The abundance of extra side buttons enables swift access to your character’s abilities.

Its wireless responsiveness guarantees a lag-free experience in even the most intense gameplay scenarios. Enjoy customizable controls which allow you to take your skillset further – maximizing enjoyment from each session!

  • Lag-free wireless technology ensures a smooth gaming experience without any interruptions or delays.
  • The mouse features 11 programmable buttons, allowing for customized button mapping and macros to be created for gaming and productivity.
  • The battery life is quite impressive, with up to 250 hours of continuous gaming usage.
  • The mouse has a comfortable ergonomic design, making it easy to use for long periods without causing any hand fatigue.
  • The Logitech G602 has a high-precision sensor that can track movements up to 2500 DPI, making it ideal for both gaming and general use.
  • The G602 doesn’t have RGB lighting or any fancy design features, which might not appeal to gamers looking for a flashier mouse.

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Logitech G700s

logitech g700s best gaming mouse for big hands

Gamers with large hands seeking a reliable and comfortable gaming mouse should look no further than the Logitech G700s – its contoured design provides an ergonomic grip, making extended gaming sessions more enjoyable.

Boasting 13 programmable buttons that can be customized to fit any playstyle, it also includes a dual-mode scroll wheel for quick switching between click-to-click scrolling and lightning-fast scrolling at your fingertips.

Its various programmable buttons, dual mode scroll wheel, and wireless capability offer an array of options to perfectly suit any kind of game genre you choose.

Enjoy an unbelievably responsive gaming experience with the G700s mouse, featuring a super-fast wireless connection that delivers lag-free results.

With up to 10 hours of continuous battery life and easy recharging capability (via USB cable), gamers won’t have to worry about running out of power during intense moments.

Gamers seeking stability and precision may embrace its 147-gram weight – although it’s on the heavier side for mice in this category.

  • The Logitech G700s has 13 programmable buttons that can be customized to perform various functions.
  • The mouse has a laser sensor that can track accurately on various surfaces.
  • G700s can be used both wired and wirelessly, providing flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • It is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, reducing fatigue during extended use.
  • The gaming mouse has onboard memory to store profiles and settings, allowing for easy use on multiple computers.
  • The wireless mode can drain the battery quickly, requiring frequent charging.
  • Logitech G700s is relatively expensive compared to other gaming mice on the market.

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Logitech G903

logitech g903 best gaming mouse for big hands

With its HERO 25K sensor providing accurate tracking up to 25,600 DPI alongside a 1ms report rate and 16,000 max tracking speed – gamers will experience precise movements without any delay or lag.

The Logitech G903 has been carefully crafted to provide gamers with an outstanding wireless performance and ergonomic design.

On top of this players also have complete freedom to customize their keys & macros as well as remove magnetic button covers allowing them to personalize the placement/number of buttons on the mouse!

With its Lightspeed technology, you can enjoy a responsive gaming experience without worrying about lag or connection drops – perfect for marathon sessions.

  • The G903 has an ambidextrous design that can accommodate both left and right-handed users.
  • Providing a comfortable grip and reducing fatigue during extended gaming sessions.
  • The mouse comes equipped with Logitech’s HERO 16K sensor, which delivers accurate and reliable performance for fast-paced gameplay.
  • The G903 also features customizable RGB lighting, allowing you to personalize the look of your mouse to match your gaming setup.
  • It has a long battery life of up to 140 hours, so you won’t need to worry about recharging the mouse frequently.
  • The shape of the mouse may not be ideal for users who prefer a palm grip or a mouse with a more contoured shape.

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Corsair Sabre RGB Pro

corsair sabre rgb pro best gaming mouse for big hands

It features an ultra-lightweight design at just 74g and blazing fast-tracking of up to 18,000 DPI – offering the perfect combination of speed and control to take your in-game performance one step further.

The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro is an ergonomic gaming mouse, tailored for gamers with a penchant for precision.

The Sabre RGB Pro mouse provides a competitive edge with its six programmable buttons, enabling you to create macros and shortcuts that improve your gaming efficiency.

Boasting a comfortable grip suited for various hand sizes and styles as well as textured rubber side grips providing extra traction and control.

The design is optimized for intense play sessions. Guaranteed durability by high-quality materials construction up to 50 million clicks has been accounted for in this product’s build, assuring reliable response over time.

  • The Corsair Sabre RGB Pro gaming mouse is designed to be lightweight, making it easier to move quickly and accurately.
  • Comes with a high DPI (up to 18,000), which means that it’s incredibly precise and accurate.
  • Customizable RGB lighting.
  • The mouse has eight programmable buttons, which can be customized to perform various functions in-game.
  • Designed to be ergonomic, which means that it’s comfortable to use for extended periods of time.
  • While the mouse does come with programmable buttons and customizable RGB lighting, it doesn’t have as many customization options as some other gaming mice on the market.

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Glorious Model D Wireless

glorious model d wireless best gaming mouse for large hands

The Glorious Model D Wireless is designed with the gamer with big hands in mind. Featuring precise tracking and responsiveness, the Glorious Model D Wireless is equipped with a Pixart PMW3370 sensor that supports up to 19,000 DPI.

Its lightweight build, weighing a mere 69 grams, allows users to move it quickly and accurately without tiring themselves out – perfect for those who prefer low-sensitivity settings!

Furthermore, its ergonomic shape fits comfortably into your hand while providing an excellent grip thanks to a textured surface and curved design that accommodates all sizes of hands.

On top of this is impressive wireless connectivity via 2.4 GHz receiver paired up with USB support and long battery life rated at 71 hours which makes extended gaming marathons possible!

For added customization options, this mouse also has six programmable buttons and customizable RGB lighting strips on its base plus a logo at the back – all controllable from within their software suite.

Offering long-lasting durability as well as portability due to its detachable cable design, it can withstand up to 20 million clicks in addition to being scratch & fingerprint resistant for enduring use.

  • The Model D Wireless allows for wireless connectivity, which can provide greater freedom of movement and reduce cable clutter on your desk.
  • At just 69 grams, the Model D Wireless is one of the lightest wireless gaming mice on the market.
  • The mouse features customizable RGB lighting that can be adjusted to match your gaming setup.
  • The Model D Wireless is equipped with a high-performance sensor that delivers accurate and precise tracking.
  • Long battery life: The battery life of the Model D Wireless is impressive, with up to 71 hours of continuous use on a single charge.
  • Unlike some other gaming mice, the Model D Wireless doesn’t allow for adjustable weight. This may be a disadvantage for gamers who prefer a heavier or lighter mouse.

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FAQ about Gaming Mouse for Big Hands

What size gaming mouse should I get if I have big hands?

Shopping for a gaming mouse can be tricky, especially if your hands are on the larger side. Finding one that will suit you boils down to personal preference. However, we recommend looking at mice with dimensions of 125mm in length and 65 mm in width.

What are some good gaming mice for people with big hands?

Players with large hands can take their gaming experience to the next level, thanks to a range of ergonomically designed mice.

Popular models include Logitech’s G903, Razer’s DeathAdder V2 for precision and control, SteelSeries’ Rival 3 for high-performance comfortability or Corsair’s Sabre RGB Pro – perfect for detailed accuracy during intense tournaments.

Should I get a wired or wireless gaming mouse?

Competitive gamers looking for a responsive edge may prefer the faster response times of wired mice, while those with less rigid performance requirements might find wireless convenience more suitable to their needs. Ultimately, choosing between the two is based on individual preferences and gaming goals.

What kind of grip should I use with my gaming mouse?

If a gaming mouse is your tool of choice, you have three main grip types to choose from – palm, claw or fingertip. For those with larger hands, the most comfortable option may be the palm grip as it enables them to naturally rest their hand on top of its surface.

What kind of sensors should I look for in a gaming mouse?

Gaming technology has revolutionized the gaming experience to unprecedented levels.

To optimize your performance, consider investing in a mouse equipped with either an optical or laser sensor – both offering amazing accuracy and latency depending on your preferences of surfaces for gaming activities. Whichever you choose, it is sure to enhance every aspect of gameplay!

Wrap Up: Gaming Mouse for Big Hands

Unlock the power of your large hands with a gaming mouse designed for size and performance!

From ergonomic shapes to wireless connectivity, there’s no shortage of features suited to help you take advantage of every millisecond.

With customizable buttons that fit comfortably in any grip type over any surface – experiencing the limitless possibilities available through tailored gaming can be yours today by knowing what specs are right for you.

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