Wyze Thermostat vs Nest

This article will discuss the pros and cons of two popular thermostat brands Nest vs Wyze. Both have their own unique features that make them stand out from other products on today’s market but also come at a price with higher installation hassle than some others options available in stores right now – so read ahead to see which one might be more your speed!

Details about the Wyze Thermostat

wyze thermostat vs nest

Wyze thermostat is a programmable device that can be installed in your home to help regulate the temperature and save you money on your energy bill. Wyze thermostats typically range in price from about $50-$100. Wyze thermostats are known for their:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Easy installation;
  • Affordable price tag.

The Wyze app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and Wyze products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Briefly about the Nest Thermostat

nest vs wyze thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a smart device that can be controlled remotely via the Nest app. It has a sleek, modern design and is available in several different colors. Nest thermostats typically range in price from about $130-$250. Nest thermostats are known for their:

  • Elegant design;
  • Remote control capabilities;
  • Energy savings.

Nest products are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Wyze Thermostat vs Nest: Which One is the Best for You?

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of each product, it’s time to compare Wyze thermostat vs Nest and see which one is the best for you.


If you’re looking for an easy installation, Wyze is the way to go. Wyze thermostats can be installed in about 30 minutes or less, and they come with everything you need for a successful installation. Nest thermostats, on the other hand, require professional installation, which can add to the overall cost.


Both Wyze and Nest offer sleek, modern designs that will look great in any home. However, if you’re looking for more color options, Nest is the way to go. Wyze thermostats are only available in white, while Nest thermostats are available in black, white, copper, and stainless steel.


Both Wyze and Nest offer a variety of features that make them stand out from other thermostats on the market. However, Wyze thermostats do have some features that Nest doesn’t offer, such as built-in Wyze Cam support and Wyze Sense support.


Wyze thermostats are more affordable than Nest thermostats, with prices ranging from $50-$100. Nest thermostats are more expensive, with prices ranging from $130-$250.

Compatible services and systems

Both Wyze and Nest are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. However, Wyze thermostats also work with IFTTT and Stringify, while Nest thermostats work with Philips Hue lighting products.

Power source

The Nest thermostat is more likely to don`t break down than the Wyze, as it relies on both batteries and an HVAC system. The battery can go out at any time for this device. However, its power source (a C-wire) helps keep things running smoothly by providing 24 volts!

Geofencing options

Wyze thermostats come with geofencing options that allow you to set temperature schedule based on your location. Wyze will automatically adjust the temperature when you leave or return home. Nest thermostats also have this functionality, but it does not always work correctly. This can add serious inconvenience to the user.

Sensors Available

The Wyze thermostat offers a few less sensors than the Nest. The missing features are temperature and motion sensors, but it does have humidity monitoring built in for your comfort level!

Comparison of Technical Characteristics: Wyze Thermostat vs Nest

The best way to compare the specifications of the Wyze Thermostat and the Nest Thermostat is through a table. This format is best suited for a quick comparison so that any reader can quickly compare the important readings of two thermostats.

wyze thermostat vs nest learning thermostat

Nest Thermostat and Wyze Thermostat: App Controlling

Smartphone applications have been developed for both thermostats, which provide simple and flexible settings and control. Devices can be easily integrated into a smart home system. To understand which thermostat is right for you, the best way is to watch video guides about Wyze and Nest thermostats.

What Users Say About Nest and Wyze Thermostats

If you choose between Waze and Nest thermostats, it will be very useful to read about the personal experience of users. We have collected the opinions and reviews of various users. We hope this user experience will help you make the right choice.

Damian Randall

I was scrolling through my Reddit feed when I saw a post about Wyze. I follow the Wyze subreddit and the support forums, so I know that there have been a lot of issues with updates lately. Some people’s thermostats have stopped working entirely, and others have had their hardware become unusable.

I’m an early adopter of Wyze products – I backed their very first few Kickstarter campaigns. Even I can see that they’ve been struggling lately. Their products are affordable (maybe even cheap) compared to other brands, but you sometimes have to trade off support or stability.


I was a little hesitant to buy a Wyze thermostat at first. I’d heard all the rumors about how people were having issues with theirs and how it didn’t really work that well. But for the price, I decided to give it a try. And so far, I’ve been really happy with it! The temperature has been comfortable without any huge fluctuations, and the adjustments have been spotting on. Plus, it’s super easy to use – no complicated menus or anything like that.

wyze thermostat reviews

David G.

I’ve always been a bit of a gadget enthusiast, so when I heard about the Nest thermostat, I knew I had to have one. At first, I was really happy with it. The Nest was able to learn my schedule and keep my home at the perfect temperature without me having to do anything.

But then my schedule changed, and the Nest wasn’t able to keep up. I started using my home more as an office than as a place to rest and relax, and the Nest just couldn’t handle it. I ended up switching to an Ecobee thermostat because it has remote sensors that can help it adjust based on where people are in the house.

Paul Wood

I know a lot of people who love theirs, but I’ve always been really leery of anything that’s too “smart.” But my old thermostat was starting to give me problems, and I didn’t want to deal with paying someone to come and fix it, so I decided to give the Nest a try.

And honestly, I’m really happy with it. It’s really simple to use – you just download the app and it tells you what temperature you should set your thermostat at depending on what time of day it is. And if you’re not home, it’ll turn off automatically so you’re not wasting energy. Plus, since I have a small house, the remote sensors wouldn’t really be worth it for me. But even if I did have a bigger place, I think I would still prefer the Nest over something.

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