Sergey Tokarev Discusses Ways to Get More Women Working In Ukrainian Tech Sector

Women are becoming more willing to enter the Ukrainian IT sector. They can help the industry and become highly skilled individuals, especially taking into account the demand for IT staff in the fields of AI, ML, cybersecurity, and data science. But, a few things may cause them to change their minds. The Reface investor and Founder Partner Roosh, Sergey Tokarev, offers his opinion on the essential elements to attracting more women and girls to the Ukrainian IT industry.

sergey tokarev discusses ways to get more women working in ukrainian tech sector

Removing Prejudice

Nowadays, women make up about 25% of all IT professionals in Ukraine. This is insufficient. When attempting to enter IT and develop a profession, women frequently face unjust criticism. They are frequently informed that this is how they look for a life companion. Also, they have a limited selection and can only apply for jobs as HR or QA engineers. Sergey Tokarev claims that these aspects are severely impacting and excluding women from Ukraine’s IT sector. It’s time to dispel all myths regarding women in IT. They could instead excel as specialists and contributors.

Recruit Women for IT

Increasing women’s interest and assisting them in pursuing their dreams are important aspects of promoting women in IT. According to Sergey Tokarev, IT clubs and communities can assist you to accomplish this. Girls and women can discover more about IT careers, interact with like-minded individuals, and choose their future paths.

The nonprofit organization STEM is FEM launched the initiative SHE is SCIENCE. It enables participants to learn more about the noteworthy 12 female scientists from Ukraine and their contributions to science and technology in particular. Among them are Kateryna Yushchenko, a programmer who devised a formal language for addressable computer programming, and Olga Perevozchikova, a scientist who set state programming standards in Ukraine.

Sergey Tokarev refers to a different local AI Home. It brings together ML and AI experts from Ukraine and other nations who coordinate training for women. Nowadays, about 25% of women are working in IT. The project’s administrators do anticipate a rapid rise in this number, though.

Teach Future Female IT Professionals

sergey tokarev about women working in ukrainian tech sector

Enhancing women’s interest in IT through good tech education is a critical additional factor. For instance, STEM is FEM introduced free IT classes for girls aged 12 to 16 last year. A project like this enables them to actually get into the business. The project was developed with the assistance of Oracle and the Swiss NGO Empowerment Lab. The courses are designed to teach students about machine learning, app prototyping, and data-driven web apps. Women who work in IT make up the teaching faculty.

Sergey Tokarev also mentions the prospects that SET University offers young people. It introduced a cybersecurity course for both boys and girls last summer; girls made up 30% of the course’s overall enrollment. The businessman suggests that the institution intends to launch a scholarship program that will be open only to female students.

The businesswoman thinks that more educational possibilities can improve the proportion of women working in Ukrainian IT. They may make a significant impact on the sector and the overall economy of the nation.

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