Tech Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Technology can do amazing things for us, wouldn’t you agree? We have almost fully self-driving cars and may not be far away from sitting back and enjoying the ride. You can instantly communicate with someone on the other side of the planet through social media and Wi-Fi. Businesses can store insane amounts of data in the cloud and access it from any device they need.

Technology exists to make life more convenient for us. With so many innovations out there, it is impossible to take advantage of all the opportunities afforded to us. Whether you are a student, a young professional, a parent, a business owner, or a retiree, there are tons of tech tricks out there that you could use to make life easier or more interesting. Let’s go through some that you may have never known about.

Clean Up Cables with an Eraser

tech tricks you didn't know about

Most of your devices, at least the ones you use the most, require a charge to work. Without charging cables, your phone, tablet, laptop, Airpods, and other accessories cannot function for more than a few hours. The longer you own these charge cables, the more beat up they can become. When dirt and scuffs build up on these cables, you can actually get rid of them very effectively with a pencil eraser.

Enjoy Unmediated Discussions on Usenet

Do you wish you could enjoy some great conversation about your subjects of interest online without any oversight? With the separate network of global servers that supports Usenet, you can. Join one of hundreds of thousands of newsgroups to discuss topics like humanities, computer programming, recreational activities, and more, unmediated and totally secure. All you need is to create an account with a free Usenet provider to get started.

Charge Your Fitbit Without Its Cable

Fitbits are great devices to encourage a healthy lifestyle. They can help you track and accomplish your fitness goals. But they rely on a battery charge, and sometimes you can misplace that charger. No worries, however, because there are alternative ways to charge that Fitbit. Universal cables, wireless chargers, computers, and even DIY solutions can charge your device in a pinch, though for product longevity, it is always best to stick with the specific charger when possible.

Transcribe Meeting Conversations with AI

information technology tips and tricks

Artificial intelligence has some incredible applications. One of them is the ability to recognize and interpret speech. If you are frequently in meetings at work and you hate taking notes, then programs like can record conversations, transcribe them in real time, and make transcripts available within minutes of the meeting ending. If you want efficient note-taking to share with all meeting participants, this program is perfect.

Control Your Home with a Smart Hub

Smart home technology is one of the biggest trends in real estate. Homeowners are investing in systems and machines that can communicate with each other through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to cut down on utilities and have greater control over electronics in their homes. In many cases, these systems can be controlled from a central hub using your voice, such as Alexa or Siri. These smart hubs have amazing capabilities that can completely transform your living experience.

Maintain Privacy Online with a VPN

Online security is important in 2023. Shady individuals have plenty of sneaky strategies to steal information or implant viruses on your devices. That means maintaining privacy while online should be a priority to protect yourself and your data. Using a VPN disguises your IP address while using the Internet to add a layer of protection for your identity and transactions. This type of program is not a perfect shield, but it significantly strengthens your privacy practices.

Use Your Phone as a Level

smartphone tips and tricks

Your phone is useful for more than just surfing the Internet and sending texts. It can also be used as a tool of measurement. For example, if you have the measure app on an iPhone, which comes pre-loaded for many models, can be set as a level and used to hang pictures on your wall evenly. It can also help measure distances with this app. Take advantage of this hack when you do not own a level or have a ruler handy.

Tech Tricks Can Be Very Satisfying

One of the most fun aspects of using these tech hacks is how satisfying it can be. Having trouble getting that painting to hang perfectly on the wall? Pull out your phone and use the measure app. Fitbit ran out of battery and you have lost the charger completely? A computer cable could get the job done in a jiffy. Looking for a place to learn more about computer software? Check out the unregulated platform on Usenet. These tricks can make life just a little bit easier for you, so try them out soon.

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