Why Does the FaceTime Button Say Join in Messages with One Person?

FaceTime, Apple’s proprietary video and audio call platform, has become a mainstay communication tool for many iPhone users. Its integration into iMessage conversations allows for seamless transition between text and video communication. However, you may have noticed a slight variation in the app: sometimes, the FaceTime button says “Join” in one-on-one conversations. This article will delve into why this might be happening.

About FaceTime Functionality

why does the facetime button say join in messages with one person

FaceTime, at its core, is a simple and intuitive app. It allows for one-on-one and group audio or video calls, and is easily accessible through the Phone app, Contacts, or within an iMessage conversation. Typically, when FaceTime is used within iMessage, a small button labeled “FaceTime” appears in the top-right corner of the screen. Pressing this button initiates a FaceTime call to the person with whom you are having the conversation.

Introduction to the “Join” Button in FaceTime

The “Join” button is a feature within the FaceTime app that usually appears when you have been invited to join a group call.

Instead of the standard “FaceTime” button, you might see the term “Join,” indicating that a call has already been initiated, and you can jump into the ongoing conversation.

Reasons: Why Does the FaceTime Button Say Join in Messages with One Person?

The appearance of the “Join” button in one-on-one conversations might be confusing, but there are several possible explanations.

  1. Scheduling FaceTime Calls: With recent updates to the iOS operating system, FaceTime now allows for scheduled calls. If a call has been scheduled between you and the other person, the “Join” button might appear, indicating that you can join the scheduled call.
  2. Link-Based Calls: Another feature from recent updates is the ability to create link-based calls, similar to other video conferencing platforms. If a FaceTime link has been shared in your conversation, the “Join” button may appear.
  3. iOS Updates and Glitches: As with any technology, sometimes system glitches occur. It’s possible that a recent iOS update or system error has temporarily changed the FaceTime button’s behavior.

FaceTime: The Implications of the “Join” Button

what does the green facetime join button mean

Some users may worry that the “Join” button implies a breach of privacy, like someone else being able to join your one-on-one calls. Rest assured, this isn’t the case. The “Join” button is simply a feature that allows for more flexible communication options.

From a user experience perspective, the “Join” button doesn’t drastically alter the FaceTime or iMessage experience. While it may be confusing at first, understanding when and why it appears helps users better navigate their device.

How to Navigate the “Join” Button Feature

When you see the “Join” button appear in your iMessage conversation, you can either choose to join the call or start a new FaceTime call.

To start a new call, simply go to the contact’s information and tap the FaceTime option there.

FAQs: FaceTime Button Say Join in Messages with One Person

why does the facetime icon say join in messages

It will also be appropriate to provide answers to common questions that resonate with this topic. It is possible that it will be useful for you.

Why is the FaceTime icon green in iMessage?

The color of the FaceTime icon in iMessage can vary depending on the status of the person you’re trying to reach. If the FaceTime icon is green, it generally means that the person’s device is an iPhone and it’s currently available for a FaceTime call. If the icon is grey, it means the person may not have FaceTime enabled, or their device isn’t an iPhone.

How do I turn off FaceTime join?

To do this, find the text labeled “FaceTime” at the top bar during a FaceTime call and tap on it. Then, locate the switch next to “Silence join requests” and toggle it to the off position.

How do you join someone on FaceTime?

Joining someone on FaceTime is easy. If a group FaceTime call has been initiated and you have been included, you’ll see a “Join” button in the group iMessage chat. Tapping this button will allow you to join the ongoing group FaceTime call. For link-based calls, just tap the link provided in your conversation to join the FaceTime call.

Does iPhone tell you when someone is on FaceTime?

No, the iPhone doesn’t provide a status indicator telling you when someone else is on a FaceTime call. The only way to know if someone is on a FaceTime call is if they’re unable to answer your call or if they inform you directly. The “Do Not Disturb” or “busy” status may indicate a user is on a call, but these can also be enabled for various other reasons.


In summary, the “Join” button’s appearance in one-on-one FaceTime calls within iMessage is usually due to scheduled or link-based calls. Although it may initially cause some confusion, it’s a regular feature and not indicative of any system issues or privacy breaches. As with any updates or changes to your iOS device, understanding the new feature allows for a smoother, more efficient user experience.

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